In Which I Find the Best Wedding Gift Ever for the Mister, Then Promptly Divulge It Three Months Early

I was at a total loss as to what I’d get Mr. Ladyfingers for our wedding. Typically, I’d get him a T-shirt, a baseball hat, or a Springsteen poster. none of those seemed quite appropriate for the magnitude of the event. It was while reading Miss Sweetcream’s post on her cufflink find that it hit me. Of course! He doesn’t often dress up to where he needs cufflinks, but he’d definitely need them on the day of. I promptly hustled over to heaven Etsy. I loved the typewriter cufflinks, especially since LF is a reporter.

But then, I found these.

Image via Etsy seller qacreate

Haha – just kidding! But they’re close – this seller makes all manner of steampunk, sports-themed, and map-using cufflinks. So I placed my order, and while LF was out of town for his bachelor weekend, they came!

Now, we’re at 3+ months before the wedding. What I was thinking, ordering him a gift 3+ months before I could give it to him, I do not know. I can barely wait a week before ruining a surprise. I begged and pleaded for him to open his Christmas presents early. I knew there was no way I could leave this to a wedding-day reveal. Plus, I started irrationally justifying, what if his dad gets him cufflinks? Why would his dad get him cufflinks? I don’t know, but I needed to edge this option out and SOON.

So when he got home that Sunday, I handed him a plastic bag (because I’m classy) containing a ballcap from a trip I had recently taken for work, and the little box with the cufflinks in them. He looked at me cockeyed. “Don’t you want to wait to give this to me?” “NO OPEN THEM NOW” I sweetly replied.

And here they are!

Yep – Yankee Stadium cufflinks! One has the map marker Bronx on them, the other the actual map marker for Yankee Stadium. He loved them! And the seller was so awesome – I mean, they shipped THE DAY I ORDERED THEM, and they’re super nice quality!

I can’t wait for the mister to don these on our wedding day. But now… do I need to find him another gift for the day of?

Did you surprise your groom with a gift? What did you choose? Are you as bad at keeping surprises as I am?


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