Put Another Ring on It

I had a lot of ideas about what type of wedding band I wanted, but no clear direction and definitely no “hands-on” experience (haha…). Mr. Ladyfingers seemed more planted in the “white gold and simple” camp. So one weekend in June we headed out to the mall to “just look” at rings.

We first headed to a chain that starts with “Z,” and looked at a few rings there. I had settled on wanting something channel set, half eternity, with princess cut or otherwise square diamonds. All the rings the rep there showed me featured round diamonds, and many weren’t channel set. When I asked for a princess or similar cut, she said that would be a bit harder to find. She didn’t come up with much, but we wrote down a couple of product numbers and headed onto our next destination.

A chain that starts with “K” was right across the way. (That unintentionally rhymed.) Incidentally, if you’re open to just looking at as many rings as possible and not really married (heh) to a custom ring or something like that, definitely check out the mall. You’re guaranteed like three to five jewelery stores all under one roof, and if nothing else, can show you a bit about what looks good on you, what you like in person, what you don’t, and what direction you might want to head in.

At “K,” Mr. Ladyfingers immediately found his ring – a white gold 6 mm number with a brushed center and polished edges.

And I found mine! So much for “just looking.”

It’s taken this long for my ring to come in because they only stocked white gold – I wanted yellow gold to better complement my skin tone, and while I’ll just wear the band for everyday purposes, for special occasions I wanted to be able to pair the engagement ring, and I’m not the biggest fan of a two-tone look for me.

We brought Mr. Ladyfinger’s ring home with us that day and also purchased the white gold version of my band so we could secure the sale price. And just last week, the jewelry store called Mr. LF while I was out of town, and notified him that my yellow gold band was ready! He did the exchange, and when I came back home (he had since gone out of town himself for his bachelor weekend), there was my ring sitting in our “hiding place,” next to his.

I opened the two boxes side by side, and here you have it:

We decided to go with white gold for the Mister, because other metals would be more difficult if not impossible to resize. He’s done so well and lost so much weight working out and eating better, and has a goal to drop more, so he didn’t want to make things difficult in the ring department. There are warranties available that will allow you to just swap out for a new ring should you drop or go up a size… but then you’d be giving up your original ring! And he didn’t want that.

Now, about mine.

(Sorry about the big scary hand)

Just what I wanted! Channel set, princess cut, and just the right amount of carats to sparkle like a fiend but not look too blingy when placed under my engagement ring. I tried a carat weight up, but it was just too much diamond for me.

The wideness of the engagement ring band does make my finger look a little… um, swollen? When something else is placed beneath it. But this being a special occasion-only combo and all, I think I’ll be able to live with it.

I love how the ring looks beautiful and simple but sparkly on its own, and also pairs well with the e-ring.

Now I just have to be told over and over to NOT parade around the house wearing it and introducing myself as Mrs….. well, you get the picture.

Did you have trouble narrowing down your ring preferences? And did all that melt away when you finally saw THE RING?


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