A Shoe-In

So I had ordered my shoes – and a side note, it was pretty aggravating getting the response I did about buying flats for my wedding. The shoe sales guy at Dillard’s actually told me that Mr. Ladyfingers should wear lifts in his shoes if we were concerned that he would be shorter than me in heels. Normally I’d leave without buying anything… but I loved the shoes too much. They only had black in my size, so I ordered the silver and waited. Just over a week later, this was on my doorstep. (Well, in a box in brown paper on my doorstep):

Here’s what a big fat snob I am: When I would tell people I’d gotten my shoes and went to describe them, I’d start with, “Well, they’re Jessica Simpson shoes, but they’re REALLY CUTE!” True story.

But I knew as soon as I saw them that they were The Ones.

True to form, I fretted about whether I’d made the right decision, revisiting the web page where they were posted, pondering, sizing things up, imagining them as somehow different than I’d remembered them in the store. Being the wrong size (too big) it was tough to gauge whether they’d make my feet look clownish or something. But then I pulled off all the wrappings, and no – I’d made the right decision.

Flat but not boring, embellished, silver, shiny, gray ribbon – what more could I possibly ask for? Not much. I slipped them on and immediately wanted to wear them out to dinner with a pair of jeans.

But alas, they must be hidden away from sight until the wedding day. At least I know I’ll wear them again!

Have you chosen your shoes yet? Did you have second thoughts?


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