Stepping Out This Old Brown Shoe (Baby, I’m in Love With You)

I don’t think I’d qualify as a shoe fetishist, as I own just 10 pairs that I wear with any regularity (15 if you count my workout sneakers and the four pairs I rarely wear). That’s a drop in the bucket compared with some – but I can’t help lusting over them! I love some good shoe porn. Mmmm. Shoes.

So I knew the shoe hunt would be alternately exciting and frustrating. From the beginning I knew I’d wear a flat – I rarely if ever wear a heel (I have one pair from Target I live in, and a pair of wedges you couldn’t pry from me if you tried, but that’s it in the heel department) and Mr. Ladyfingers is 1” shorter than me in bare feet, so I selfishly didn’t want to tower over him in photos.

Initially, though, I did have some difficulty in the shoe department. I saved this photo early on:

Photo via You Look Nice Today Photography

The perfect wedding shoe, right? Precious, pink, comfy, makes for good photos. But pale pink wouldn’t fit in our palette, so I kept on looking. Hot pink, yellow, silver, gray – they all made it into my wishlists. Nothing was right, though. I love the look of a hot satin pink heel, but the flats I was finding were leaving me cold. Same with the yellows – I found a great pair of casual yellow flats while shopping for my engagement shoot outfit, but after that, nothing that excited me for the actual wedding.

Image via DSW

Image via Zappos

I temporarily considered letting a heel slip in, but really didn’t want to be uncomfortable at all, so I clung more strongly to flats after that.

Image via Zappos

Image via Nordstrom

Image via Zappos

I hate ordering apparel online – something about having to return things then wait for others to come – so I was firm in my commitment to purchase something in a bricks and mortar store. I would sort of look everywhere I went. Then, one day, I went to Nordstrom and Dillard’s on my lunch break – and I came home with The Shoes (well, I came home having placed an order for The Shoes since they didn’t have my size in stock).

For a week or so until they arrived on our doorstep in a brown paper-wrapped box, I waffled. Were these really the right shoes? Did I love them? Are they bridal enough? Are they comfy? Are they me?

And then I unwrapped them and put them on my feet, and even in jeans, I wanted to wear them everywhere. I excitedly snapped a few photos, and the maids agreed – these were the ones!

I’ll reveal the shoes in a later post (sorry!), but first, feast your eyes upon these babies, found months after I’d purchased the shoes. I tried hard to convince my maids to get them, but I stink at persuasion.

Image via Zappos

How was your shoe hunt? Was everything too bright, too muted, too tall, too flat? How did you finally make your decision?


One thought on “Stepping Out This Old Brown Shoe (Baby, I’m in Love With You)

  1. A Shoe-In « says:

    […] So I had ordered my shoes – and a side note, it was pretty aggravating getting the response I did about buying flats for my wedding. The shoe sales guy at Dillard’s actually told me that Mr. Ladyfingers should wear lifts in his shoes if we were concerned that he would be shorter than me in heels. Normally I’d leave without buying anything… but I loved the shoes too much. They only had black in my size, so I ordered the silver and waited. Just over a week later, this was on my doorstep. (Well, in a box in brown paper on my doorstep): […]

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