Stand By Me

What would our wedding be without the wonderful people standing beside us as we enter marriage? It wasn’t difficult at all to select my maids, Mr. Ladyfingers and I are both so grateful for the people in our respective wedding lineup, so I figured I’d follow suit with past ‘bees and give my ladies a well-deserved intro.

Me and MOH Ginger on Halloween 2009. These are pretty much our standard “we’re in a photograph together” faces.

MOH Ginger is one of my bestest friends in the entire universe. We’ve only known each other about three years, but in that time we’ve discovered that we are BFF soulmates. I could do anything with her and it would be fun. She’s the one who cried when I asked her to be my maid of honor – and then followed up with “Are you sure you want ME?!?!?” But I can’t think of a better fit.

She’s also got a pretty rockin’ life and future ahead of her. She went back to school full-time last year and is finishing up her degree before she starts applying for veterinary school. She’ll be the most amazing vet ever – but she’ll have to really work at not collecting more animals! She has a heart of gold, particularly when it comes to our furry friends. She and her awesome boyfriend, J, have a crazyCRAZYcrazy pit bull mix and two nutty cats. As she breaks from school for the summer, she’s going to start putting together the bridal shower and bachelorette plans – and with her at the helm, you know it’ll be a great time!


Again with the face — BM Esquire and I at my 30th birthday party.

BM Esquire and I met through friends, and became fast ones ourselves. She’s an attorney, hence the nickname, and we share a lot of the same background from our adolescence – even though she’s a few years older than me, we both recall being very disaffected in our teens, adopting ill-advised fashion trends (baby barrettes during the Hole/L7/riot grrrl eras, baggy flannel shirts, Manic Panic hair streaks), lamenting the lack of cool thrift stores in our respective areas, and pledging our everlasting love to the holy trinity of Morrissey, Robert Smith, and Dave Gahan (maybe that last part was just me, I don’t know). She calls herself an aging hipster – which should totally be a comic book. Ooh… don’t steal that idea from me, OK? I have a post-wedding project now.


Me and Preggo at a friend’s going-away party last year

BM Preggo will probably not like me much for her nickname, but it seemed the most appropriate because, well, she’s pregnant! At least she was until June 30, when she gave birth to their second child, a beautiful little girl. She and her husband already have a 2-year-old little terror of a boy, who’s my very favorite even if he does regularly give her ulcers. She and I are such kindred spirits – she’s been totally indispensable, allowing me to cart her around antiquing for centerpiece bottles, helping me score hundreds of little strips of paper for our decorating initials, making belly bands for my invitation suite. She was a paramedic before having their first child, and is now going back to school to move into another health-related field.

I actually didn’t think she’d want to stand up with me because she was four months pregnant at the time we got engaged, and I feared she would be too overwhelmed to want to take this one. So we had an awkward moment when I told her who my maids would be and inserted a random friend, but then said I was torn. I forget how it happened, but she basically said hey, you know I’m in the wings, because you sort of at one point said I could be a bridesmaid, and I realized she really DID still want to do this. Hurray! Sorry, random friend.


Me and Spotty in a crappy picture – sorry

And finally, BM Spotlight is so named both because she’s an avid theater fan and middle school drama teacher, as well as for her sunny personality that draws all attention to her. She’s the sweetest soul I’ve ever met – she can say things to you that sound wonderful and deep and meaningful and really make you think about your motivations, whereas if I said those same things, I’d sound like a jerk with a capital B. In addition to her drama role, she serves as the vice principal at her school, which serves underprivileged kids, and oversees the Americorps teachers there, which is how she got into that field in the first place. I know, right? Total saint. So far she’s been most notable for making a PowerPoint presentation of possible shoe and accessory options for her and the other maids. Yeah, we’re not at all alike *rollseyes*.

So there you have it! With chicks like this beside me for the next few months , I would be a fool to stress that much at all. They’ll keep me laughing, keep me sane, and keep me from killing people. What more could you ask for?!

Was it difficult to choose your bridal party? How did you make your selections? Tell me about them!

*All personal photos


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