Love Me, Love Me, Say That You Love Me…

I have a problem.

I really really really REAAAAAAAAALLY really like sweaters. Cardigans, to be more precise. And I live in Florida.

*hangs head*

This obsession been met with everything from admonishment – “STOP BUYING THRIFT STORE CARDIGANS IN THE DEAD OF SUMMER.” – to adoration – “I saw a cardigan you’d love!”

I was especially enamored of Miss Cardigan’s approach to wedding-day-coverup, and emboldened by my on-the-fencedness when it comes to my strapless dress, I’ve been stalking photos of brides in cardigans for months now.

Image via Weddingbee (Miss Cardigan)/Photo by She & He Photography

Uh, did I mention we live in Florida?

Still, I can’t get over this look. I use cardigans to dress up and dress down a number of outfits. I recently started to participate in Kendi’s 30-for-30 remix, and seriously guys, four of my 30 items are cardigans. And it’s almost July. It’s not even cold in my office. In fact, it’s hot. This is obscene.

But. Want more convincing that I should indeed rock a cardigan on the day of? I thought you’d never ask:

I love the short-sleeved approach, and the yellow!

Image via Ruffled/Photo by Shannon Nicole Smith

So, this is the perfect one. Perfect length, perfect sleeves, perfect beading. This is what I want.

Photo via Ruffled/Photo by Kate Harrison

But what about something like this pretty print? Especially since it’s hot pink…

Photo via The Bride’s Café/Photo by Shannon Nicole Smith

At first I thought my best shot would be a vintage number. On Etsy alone, you get more than 300 results when searching for cardigans in the vintage section. Like, f’rinstance, this number.

Etsy seller laceandbones

But seeing as how vintage cardigans can so often fit funky – not a slim enough silhouette, too-long weird sleeves, too hot acrylic with lining – I’d either have to scour vintage stores around here, or shop new. Summer’s probably not the best time to be looking but…

This is adorable, along the lines of the short-sleeved one up top, and a cute as a button color. But I’m not sure it’s fancy enough for a ceremony.

Nordstrom, Maggy London Silk & Cotton Crop Cardigan in Dandelion

This. Is. Perfect. But Kate, why must you taunt me with your lovely garb and your exceedingly high price tags? I thought we were friends, but $300 for a cardigan – that, I cannot abide.

Nordstrom, Kate Spade New York ‘Kati’ Beaded Cardigan in Cream

This is charming and looks quite breathable, but I’m not a fan of the light pink color for our wedding.

Nordstrom, Eileen Fisher Open Front Crop Cardigan in Crocus

At first I thought I wouldn’t wear the cardigan for the ceremony, but given that I can get slightly fancier options, I do like that idea. Cardigans are *me*. It’s my look. I’d really love to bring a little of that into the wedding day, while keeping it classy.

I realize a few things. One, I may be sweating like a pig that day. Two, it may be a little warm still in November in Florida. Three, how do I try on cardigans to find the perfect one that works with my dress? It’s not like I can take the dress to the department store and try it on with the coverups. I also don’t love the idea of buying cardigans with the possibility of returning them, because again, it means I’d need to continue slipping in and out of my dress, which I’m terrified to do. And four, will a cardigan obstruct the lovely corset back?

What do you think? Do you love the cardigan look? Hate it? How would I try it on to find the perfect one? Am I weird? It’s OK, you can say so.


3 thoughts on “Love Me, Love Me, Say That You Love Me…

  1. Bri says:

    Ha! I’ve been stalking etsy for creamy vintage fur trimmed cardigans – although the idea that I might need one in late April in Los Angeles is pretty unrealistic. If i need any cold weather wear it would probably be a raincoat 😦

    I get your reservations about mail order, I think the awesome thing about cardigans is that if they fit you then they look good over just about anything. And maybe you could just wear it for part of the evening? I am a horrible enabler, sorry.

    That’s awesome that you did Kendi’s 30-in-30. I always say I’m going to do but then I wuss out at the idea of having to actually come to terms with my closet. I’m pretty sure I only wear 20% of it anyway.

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