You Can Ring My Bell

I’m having ring issues.

High-class problem, right?

My engagement ring is perfect. It was my mother’s, and while for a very long time I wanted my grandmother’s ring (also handed down to me) as my engagement ring, when Mr. Ladyfingers got down on one knee with this shiny wide yellow band and sparkly marquis-cut diamond, I knew it was meant to be. Me and the ring, that is – I already knew that he and I were meant to be. I’d told him all along to ask my dad for my grandmother’s ring, and he did, but my dad gave him my mom’s ring. Whether he heard wrong or what, I don’t know, but I love my unique ring, and the fact that it makes my mother a part of the planning process even when she can only be here in spirit, only makes it even more special.

Personal photo

Now, the wedding ring.

I have been all over the place with this wedding ring decision. First, I wanted a thin band. Then, I wanted a still-thin-but-a-bit-wider channel-set band. A plain band would just make too much gold on my hand, and anything too wide would make things a bit impractical on my ring finger.

Then, I decided I wanted a white gold ring and to simply store away the engagement ring as a keepsake.

But the more I thought about it, the more I love yellow gold. It looks best on me. I wear it in most of my other jewelry. It looks, to me, more “vintage” and “antique” than white gold. And I really do want to wear both my band and my engagement ring on the same hand. Forever.

I also like unique, obviously. My inspiration pics run the gamut from simple but one-of-a-kind to common but a bit flashier.

Turtle Love Co. Belmont wedding band

Turtle Love Co.

Turtle Love Co. Diamond Motif wedding band

 Turtle Love Co.

Catbird Blanca Morris Gomez

 Catbird NYC

After all this Internet research, I fully realized one important thing about myself: I am tactile. I need to be WITH my options, in their presence, looking at them in a store. I need to try them on and test them with my e-ring and without. Mr. Ladyfingers would be easy — but I might drive both of us a little nuts in our wedding ring search.

Do you have an e-ring that was not part of a wedding set? Was it difficult for you to envision what you wanted? And did you end up with something far from what you’d originally envisioned?


2 thoughts on “You Can Ring My Bell

  1. […] a vanity URLLLLLLLLL!), and the fabric for the bunting I never planned to make, and the checks for Mr. Ladyfingers’ wedding ring that was SEVEN TIMES the amount I’d originally planned to spend (he loved it so much… how could […]

  2. […] I had a lot of ideas about what type of wedding band I wanted, but no clear direction and definitely no “hands-on” experience (haha…). Mr. Ladyfingers seemed more planted in the “white gold and simple” camp. So one weekend in June we headed out to the mall to “just look” at rings. […]

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