If They Could See Me Now…

Mr. Ladyfingers and I had never been anywhere outside the continental United States, so when it came time to talk honeymoon, the world was literally our oyster (well, not literally… but figuratively, definitely). Initially, we didn’t think we’d be able to do a real honeymoon. At the time he proposed, I was going to school part time for interior design because I was really unhappy with my journalism job and needed a backup plan. We planned our wedding date around my school break as it was, and we would probably only have been able to swing a mini-moon at best.

Then, though, fate stepped in. I found a job I loved, left the job I’d been unhappy at, and decided to put school on hold. I’d done lots of soul searching, and as I took a break for spring term to get acclimated to the new job, I found I really didn’t miss it, and while I’d enjoyed learning about interior design, I’d also learned that the business side of things didn’t appeal to me at all.

With no more part-time school, my schedule had opened up wide. Our overall budget was still on the low side, so we planned a weeklong trip to St. Augustine, somewhere neither of us had ever been, but still within our state. It’s a very romantic spot, the oldest city in the United States, and seemed to fit our honeymoon bill.

(Fun fact #1: I often type too quickly and spell “honeymoon” “honeymood.” Freudian slip? Me thinks so.)

Then, as so often happens with me, a thought popped into my head. “You know,” this thought said, “you guys should really look into cruises. They’re affordable and fun, and will take you places you’ve never been.” Sometimes my thoughts sound like Kathie Lee Gifford.

So we started doing some research. I did way too much research, confusing myself and Mr. Ladyfingers beyond belief. Norwegian seemed reasonable, but then I learned that many travelers were unsatisfied with the cruise line’s tendency to nickel and dime. Royal Caribbean was the cream of the crop, but a bit outside our reach. For a minute, we considered Celebrity, but while it was more affordable than RC, it would still leave us with less money to play around with at the fancy non-inclusive restaurant or the fun shore excursions.

What did we finally end up with? Carnival! Yes, I read that there are a lot of kids on Carnival, and that it’s the more “budget” of the cruise lines – that uttered with a derisive tone by those who prefer a classier ride. But it seemed to suit us just fine, and we were able to book a 7-night cruise rather than 5 and get a balcony rather than an interior cabin.

So at some point post-wedding, we’ll be cruising the Eastern Caribbean seas, stopping at the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Grand Turk, and Puerto Rico. Woohoo!!!

(Fun fact #2: When applying for a passport, the official told me I got an A+ for filling everything out correctly. An A+! Man, did that ever please me.)

How did your honeymoon plans evolve? What did you end up with? Are you combo-ing a mini-moon with something more extravagant later? Or booking your ideal getaway right away?


One thought on “If They Could See Me Now…

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