Who Are We, Anyway? Part I: How We Met

Mr. Ladyfingers and I first met five years ago, at a friend’s birthday party. I worked at a local paper for about a year back in ’04-’05, and he came aboard about three months after I left. We had the same friends, so it was only natural we’d meet eventually. Here’s what he remembers about the encounter:

  • I laughed at his jokes, which caught his attention

Here’s what I remember:

  • Not a whole lot

Well, whatrya gonna do? We can’t all be winners.

One of our first photo ops

One of our first photo ops

I think I ran into him one more time after that, and here’s what he remembers:

  • I came over and made a joke, and then after I left he told his friend I was cute, and he would totally… yeah.

And I remember:

  • Not much

I think I need to start dosing on the ginkgo biloba.

Our first trip together - to visit his family

Our first trip together - to visit his family

Whatever did or did not happen in that first year or so, we became MySpace friends, and then, around New Year’s of 2008, he sent me an email asking me out sometime. Ah, but lovers are so often star crossed, and I was not available at that time. But you know what? I hadn’t thought of him that way before. And I kinda liked it.

So about two years later, we’d both ditched MySpace and moved to Facebook, where we were friends. He wrote a note about his favorite albums, and I really liked the way he wrote (I’m intellectually shallow like that). So I thought to myself, how do you express interest to somebody you once turned down? What if he was taken by now? His status said “single,” but what if he just didn’t update it?

Here’s what we both remember:

  • I posted a note on his wall saying “Hey there, how are you?”
  • He wrote back and said “Het! How are things? You ever get down to my side of town?” (We lived about an hour apart at the time.)
  • I said, “Sometimes… do you ever get up to my side of town?”
  • He said, “Sometimes.”
  • I said, “Well, next time you’re here, let me know and maybe we can hang out sometimes.”
  • He wrote back, “Or, we could just pick a time and hang out…”

And this is additionally what he remembers:

  • Reading my comment about hanging out, doing a double take, looking around him (he was at work), and thinking… does she really mean what I think she means?
  • That I asked him out.

Um, he might be a little off on that last point. But I’ll let him have his fun.

Moving in together

Moving in together

We chatted online and on the phone for about 2 weeks before he finally asked me out on our first date. We basically courted on Facebook, mainly because as soon as we started flirting, I came down with strep throat. Strep! But one good thing came of that: I quit smoking finally, which he really liked, since he liked me and hated smokers.

Our first date was set for a seafood restaurant on my side of town. I hadn’t been on a first date for about… jeez… four years. I was more than a little nervous! But he was so funny, and we had so much in common. We both loved the movie “Say Anything,” and music. I made him laugh with my jokes using the grammatical term [sic]. We both knew, though, that liking the same things didn’t always mean a match from heaven.

Would we get along? Would he be a creep? Would I be a nutbag? So many questions rattling through our heads! But there was only one way to find out… and we were about to do just that.

*All personal photos


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