I’ll DIY, I’ll DIY It Not: Part II

I’ve told you how, for five months, I forgot what a control freak paranoid crazytown person I am, and insisted I’d do my own flowers. And how I came to my senses and decided to hire a professional.

Basically, I already knew who I wanted my florist to be. I’d been trolling enough wedding boards over the past few months to have heard of Fishhawk Weddings and their super-talented designer, Stephanie. I’d seen the website. I’d drooled over the blog. So I emailed them, and a few days later, I had an email from Collette. We set up a phone chat, and I went over some brief details of the wedding.

(By the way, chats like these make me feel like a crazy person. “It’s like a vintage look, but not like totally antique vintage rustic or anything. Like, some vintage, but also some modern. So like, vintage modern. Sort of. Does that make sense?”)
Collette was super sweet and patient, and took down all my random descriptions. The next day, she sent me an email with pictures like this.

Shannon Nicole Smith Photography

And this.

Stephanie A. Smith Photography

Oh, and lists of flowers like this:

I told her what I liked and didn’t like (no yellow roses, no orchids, no snapdragons, but everything else sounded great!) and then the next day, she sent me some more pictures.

And I knew they totally got me, and what I’d love for my wedding to look like. And the basic pricing also showed they were an A-plus match budget-wise! So I immediately wrote back, “I REALLY WANT TO WORK WITH YOU GUYS PLEASE SEND ME A PROPOSAL KLUVU XOXOXOXOX.”

In the new-car-lot circuit, they call people like me “laydowns.”

So the next step was to start meeting with Stephanie to go over designs – and I’m especially psyched to be able to hand over my growing antique bottle collection, the floral transportation and arrangement responsibilities, and everything else that goes with that task.

Who ever thought I’d be so excited to spend more money on flowers than any sane person could ever anticipate?


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