Stop and Smell the (Paper) Roses

In the early days of planning and the fluster of page-bookmarking and image-saving, I came upon this super fantastic photo:

Paper-flower adornd initials

Image via OnceWed/Photo by Kate Murphy

And decided I had to make OUR initials for OUR wedding. I searched far and wide for paper flower tutorials, and finally found one that seemed simple enough that even I could do it.

Yeah, turns out I was wrong.

First, I bought the wrong kind of glue because I couldn’t find anything called Crystal Effect. The folks at my local arts and craft store were no help (big surprise), but I finally found what looked like an alternative in Ye Olde Scrapbooking Aisle: Glossy Accents by Inkssentials. It promised to dry to a hard, clear, glossy finish – just like I like ‘em – so I loaded it up with a circle punch and a slew of paper in our wedding colors, and carted her home.

Glossy Accents, my alternative to Crystal Effect

Awesome glue.

With this more securely drying glue, the paper-flower-making process became much easier, but still not a cinch. If I’m moving too quickly, or zoned out or tired (as usual), I’d get the flower all perfectly positioned, the glue on the paper circle that would adhere to the back of the flower and secure everything in place, poise the circle over the flower, and… BLAMASDH (a technical sound) – the flower would pop open, the circle would end up on my hand, and glue would be EVERYWHERE.

I also figured I’d just cut our initials out of one of the thousand pieces of poster board I had around the house. And ended up with this:

My attempt at cardboard initials

You don't even want to see my ampersand.

Not bad, considering they’d be covered with paper flowers. But then I made a special trip to Joann Fabric because I needed to get some gray ribbon for our invitations (more on that later), and did you know that Joann Fabrics is SOOOOO much more awesome than Michael’s?! Seriously! Really, it is. You should go. I browsed the aisles a bit, and not only found a huge collection of Martha Stewart party doo-dads, but I found these:

Joann Fabric

Huge, sturdy, paper mache blank letters! Holy yes!

I have a lot of paper flowers to go…

I've got just over 5 months to turn all this...

Paper flowers YAY

...into this.

But soon enough, these adorned, color-coordinated initials will be ready to fancy up the wall of our venue!

*Personal photos unless otherwise indicated


3 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the (Paper) Roses

  1. […] I bought our paper mache initials at Joann for our reception decor initials, and did a quick mockup of the pieces using the paper flowers I’d already made. And such […]

  2. […] I bought our paper mache initials at Jo-Ann for our reception decor initials, and did a quick mockup of the pieces using the paper flowers I’d already made. And such super […]

  3. Kat says:

    Love this so much! I am going to have to try these!

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