Come to Our Party!

Back in March, I met with our friend, Designer Mama, to start going over ideas for our invitation designs. She’s an awesome graphic artist with great taste, and a sweetheart to boot, so I was naturally super excited to see what she came up with. I was nervous about asking her to help with the invites, but I couldn’t imagine doing it myself, and I didn’t really want to outsource it to somebody I barely knew. I was willing to pay her whatever she wanted, so imagine my complete shock when she said she’d do it as a gift! I could have hugged her. I probably did.

I tried telling Mr. Ladyfingers how excited I was, and he reminded me about his idea: Buy a pack of 50 party invitations from Target and call it a day.


To start the process, I brought over my Super Freakishly Organized Binder of All Things Wedding (which, incidentally, I had left under a friend’s car seat a few weeks ago and went batcrap crazy thinking I’d lost it). One of my very favorite things to save are wedding invitation images (actually, any kind of stationery), so I had plenty of ideas! We started going over them to see what unified those designs that I loved.

Image via Grey Likes Weddings/Designs by Storkie

Weddingbee/Ms. Sloth


Michael Duerksen

Image via Oh So Beautiful Paper/Design by Bird Dog Press

Now that we had established what I liked – varying fonts, interesting organization, semi-traditional but slightly fun and definitely unique – we could get started. We hammered out the invitation wording, I left her with a few of my pulled inspiration photos, and just a few weeks later, we had the finished product!

What about your own invitation design? Did you accumulate a lot of inspiration from all over? What were the defining elements in what you loved? And did you go DIY — I am so jealous of your talent! — or outsource, either to a close friend or another professional designer?


2 thoughts on “Come to Our Party!

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