Centerpiece Gridlock

I always had a definite vision when it came to our centerpieces: simple, incorporating white and yellow flowers with something gray, relatively inexpensive, and with a vintage-modern look and feel. But in the beginning, I seemed to be all over the place when it comes to actual execution. Starting just a few weeks after we got engaged, I began gathering my glass-vessel collection from are thrieft stores – a motley collection of decanters, non-vasey vases, glasses. I already had several jars and bottles on hand that could be used, as well. By early February, I’d pulled together enough for about four tables, with six more to go. The original plan was 3 vessels per table with 2 smaller vessels to hold candles, or 5 vessels for flowers if I ultimately decided to omit candles. (I’m still on the fence with candles, by the way.)

But it soon became apparent to me that I didn’t adore the all-clear-glass look. It seemed bland, with not enough color interest to satisfy me. I started collecting photos that I was drawn to, to see if I could sniff out a pattern.

Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Hawes Photography and Design

Image via Green Wedding Shoes/Photo by Jagger Photography

Samantha Luck

Image via Something Green Events/Photo by Martha Stewart

Image via Elizabeth Ann Designs/Photo by He & She Photography/Wedding by Carter & Cook

It was clear (heh) that I was drawn to the blue glass and soft colors. One problem: Blue wasn’t one of our colors, nor was anything pastel. Initially, I thought it would be sweet to paint the inside of the bottles a nice pewter gray – and then totally smart MOH Ginger pointed out that they probably wouldn’t stand up to standing water. I ran through some other options, as well – wrapping the bottles in some layering of paper, burlap, lace, ribbon, etc.; painting the outsides of the bottles; doing some sort of stenciling.

And finally, I decided on another type of visual interest: actual antique bottles and jars. It struck me that what drew me to each of these photos wasn’t even necessarily the color (although it was all very beautiful) – it was the unique aspect of having the different lettering and tints and aging of each individual bottle.

So now there was yet another to-do on the list: Ferret out as many old bottles as I could for as low a coast as possible.

What kind of agony did you experience over your own centerpieces? Was it difficult for you to settle on a concept? And what finally drew you to your ultimate choice?


2 thoughts on “Centerpiece Gridlock

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  2. […] caught onto the whole eclectic-mismatched-bottles-and-jars trend early on in planning, and started collecting random glass receptacles way back in February. I was off to a bit of a slow […]

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