Wedding related

We’ve booked our venue and DJ, and chosen our photographer. We’re coming close to finalizing a caterer, and I’ve ordered The Dress. We booked our officiant. I have a color palette (spring-in-fall-vintage-fun) and a theme (modern vintage). We know what type of dessert we’d like (three types of filled cupcakes plus a small cake in one of the flavors for us to cut). We know our first dance and father-daughter dance songs. I know the song I’ll walk down the aisle to. I know what flowers I’d like to use (hot pink roses for the bridesmaid’s bouquets, hot pink roses and white hydrangeas for mine, a white hydrangea bout for the groom, magenta squares for the boys, white hydrangeas in the centerpieces). I can exactly visualize the space.

Oh, did I mention we’ve been engaged for three weeks?

Yeah, I’m slightly insane.

First, please allow me to explain myself. It’s what I do best/worst.

1. I work full time. Like, whoa full time. Like, I’m kind of a workaholic, but work also ticks me off and stresses me out to the max, and often leaves me tattered and burnt out for the rest of the day. I love. My job.

2. I go to school part time. As much as I love my job, I’m not sure about my long-term prospects in this career field, and I’d like to have something to fall back on. That something, potentially, is interior design. Or set design. Or styling. Or writing for/editing/starting an interior design magazine. Whatever the end result, I’m in the interior design program of a local design school. I love. My school.

3. I have a pretty active social and spiritual life that leads to a lot of my nights being dedicated to gathering with close friends, helping out a few girls in need, and generally just forcing myself to slow down and enjoy life, for the sake of my own sanity and those around me. I love. My life.

4. Oh, yeah, there’s that whole keeping the relationship alive thing. I love. My fiancee.

5. And then there’s housework-eating-sleeping-taking time for myself. I love… nah, I just wish there was more time in the day.

So there you have it. My completely jam-packed day. I also freelance a bit, so I’m at what I’d like to call capacity. Throw wedding planning into the mix – as in planning a wedding with no wedding planner and a bit of a budget that’s a blast and charming and memorable within 10 months – and you have the makings of a crazy person.

I decided it would behoove me to knock as many big-ticket items off our list while I still could, so in that lull between Christmas and New Year’s, we researched-researched-researched and went to look at places. We’re more than halfway there on the Big Stuff. Then it’s just time to focus on all the details.

And that’s what you’re here for. To check out all my details.


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