Tumblr Tuesday

Well hello there! How are you this fine afternoon?

I’m pretty peachy, thanks for asking. I had a pretty nice little four-day weekend. Though the guy was on a trip, I managed to watch three very good movies, cook four extremely delicious recipes I’d been saving but hadn’t yet tried, caught “The Stand” on the SyFy channel, paint a painting, start and finish a collage, and cuddle with the puppy! Once guy came back, I did some cuddling with him, too. 😉

Also discovered Marina and the Diamonds. Have you heard her? She’s fantasssssstic!

(And wasn’t Mad Men amazing last night? Dang that show keeps getting better and better!)

But enough about little old me. Today I wanted to feature some of the prettiest, finest, envy-inducing images that popped up on my Tumblr page recently!

I’d say “I call it Tumblr Tuesday,” but I don’t necessarily think that’s terribly original. 😉

Desire to Inspire image of a nice gray living roomDesire to Inspire

Room within a room from Desire to InspireDesire to Inspire

Airy contemporary bedroom from My Ideal HomeMy Ideal Home

Gorgeous vignette from Fintfint

Beautiful vintage from Ferns and MossFerns and Moss

Lived in living room from Nest Dreamingnest dreaming


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