The Finished Inspiration Board

After tons of hemming and hawing over what to do with the huge blank spot on our main home-office wall – and the piles and piles of scraps of paper, printouts, artwork, and other ephemera piling up – I finally have filled that wall with my favorite thing ever.

I did tons of research about inspiration boards. I even considered using binder clips to fill the wall. But I was sick of banging nail holes all over our rental house and wanted something less stressful.

Before the inspiration board


After the inspiration board

Yay! (and not just because the daylight of the “after” photo made for much better lighting)

Inspiration board on Styrofoam insulation wrapped in linen

Most said Homasote was the way to go, but only one supplier in all of the Tampa Bay area covered it, and it was way up yonder from where I live. So I took a trip to Big Blue and asked around. They ended up cutting a 5×3 sheet of Styrofoam brand insulation for me, which did the trick just fine.

I wrapped it in a couple of yards of linen from the fabric store, nailed ‘er into the wall, and covered with my memories.

It may not last as long as Homasota – we shall see – but it certainly does the trick for now!


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