The (re)Finished Product

Remember this?

Vintage walnut veneer Danish credenza before refinishing

Well, here it is now:

Vintage walnut veneer Danish credenza after refinishing

I basically followed this eHow tutorial, “How to finish wood with Danish oil,” with a few modifications. For one, I didn’t do the wet sanding method. I don’t know why – I read some things about how it gave a more dull finish, and I was looking for something with a more hand-rubbed look.  I used natural Danish oil the whole way, not colored, because again, I didn’t want to mess with the natural color of the walnut veneer.

After stripping with a low-VOC gel stripper I bought at Lowe’s, scrubbed off with extra fine steel wool, I topped off three coats of Watco Danish oil with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax (I ran out of oil after one coat on the drawers but ended up liking the look of the slightly lighter wood there, so I decided to go with it) (and I also bought dark walnut for my second can rather than natural, and honestly got so impatient I wanted it in my living room and couldn’t tolerate the extra day of returning dark walnut to Lowe’s and then another three days to allow the second and third coats on the drawer to dry, so it’s kind of accidentally on purpose).

(So shoot me.)

I love her. Help me name her? 🙂


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