Contemporary Not My Style… Or, Is It?

For my ID class, our big project is designing the interior of a home given a program about the residents and their needs and wants. This fictitious couple prefers classic contemporary furnishings – man oh man!

For whatever reason, I haven’t been able to get into contemporary design. I love it most when it’s mixed with things that are more my style – midcentury modern, a dash of cottage chic, a generous helping of all-around eclectic, lots and lots of color.

But in doing my research for a concept statement, I have been blown away by more than a few contemporary spaces. Part of the deal is I’m seeing it with fresh eyes – not, for now, looking for myself, I’m looking for somebody else (even if they don’t exist) and seeing form and function in a whole new light!

Here are just a few images I’ve gathered in the past day or so that I’ve especially loved:

Contemporary kitchenWit + Delight

While the living room isn’t exactly what this hypothetical client would be looking for, I loved this kitchen! The cabinetry forms an art piece of its own on the walls, and it’s delicious.

Artist barnApartment Therapy

This is along the lines of the color scheme I’m headed toward for this beach house – light woods, natural materials, sea glass greens and blues, but in totally contemporary, clean, chic lines.

Venice Beach HouseVenice Beach HouseVenice Beach HouseContemporist

Holy holy, look at this. The view, the light, the furnishings… drool. I’m going for a design theme that echos the natural surroundings of the client’s beach house in each room – sea and sky for the living area, sand and sun for the master suite. I love designs that bring in amazing views like this – the design isn’t limited by what’s inside. There’s a whole world out there practically framed on every wall!


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