The Credenza

OK, the long story: I found this great green vintage typewriter table on Craigslist the other day for $35 (well, actually, Amy found it for me). But it was in a neighborhood far enough away that it just wasn’t practical for me to make it over there until the weekend. I emailed the seller anyway, and she said she’d had some other interest, but would find me another if it ended up selling by Saturday.

Today, she emailed me: It sold. She’d found another that a friend was selling, but then that one sold. But she had a farmhouse table. Did I want that ? No, I did not. I needed a typewriter table because they’re compact, portable, and just plain cute. I like to use my laptop in the living room, but leaving it on the coffee table all the time was a recipe for disaster. Never was that more evident than when Rosie tripped over the wire of my external hard drive, and it fell to the ground.

Having missed out on the typewriter table, I headed over to my favorite resale shop a few blocks from work. It’s so chock full of things, it’s like a menagerie of all that is good and clean and beautiful in this world. So I asked the owner if she had a typewriter table.

A-ha! She did! And she knocked $5 off. It was even more perfect than the CL find.

Wait. That’s not a typewriter table up there. You are so smart! It’s true, it’s not. That’s why this is the “long story.”

I got up to the counter and thought, what the heck. We had been looking for a credenza, buffet, or long, low dresser with midcentury modern lines to act as a TV stand/entertainment unit to pull the living room together. The only thing I’d seen that would work was a stereo cabinet she wasn’t selling. So I asked. And she said, “I have something just like it out back. I’ll sell it to you cheap, because I need to get rid of it.”

And that’s how I came to own the piece you see up top. I offered $20; she countered with $25. I said, “Let me see how far my seats fold down.”

Thank goodness I’d just bought a used CR-V a few weeks back.

It’s walnut veneer and just such a piece of work. I ran some stripper over it, then another coat and rubbed the rest of the finish away with some fine steel wool. I’m planning a nice rubdown in Danish oil (natural? walnut? I have to do some more research on this), followed by a nice sealing with some finishing wax.

Moral of story: Every dark tunnel has a light of hope.


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