Projects out, projects in

So busy! Classes started up again  a couple of weeks ago, work has continued at its fever pitch, the puppy is losing hair in odd patches, and we’re gearing up for a few days at the beach next week. Oh! And projects.

So first, a little before and after that took me far too long but which I’m pretty pleased with!

Look at this sad dresser. Layers of blue and yellow paint, worn edges, outdated, uneven handles. Sad, sad dresser. But – $5! This couple a few neighborhoods over was moving to Portland and unloading all their belongings. The husband helped me rig it inside my Civic trunk with an extension cord acting as a bungee cord (since I didn’t live far away), and off I went.


Oh but now look! Happy dresser!

First I stripped off all the chipping paint and toyed with green or yellow. After a couple of visits to the hardware store, I settled on Behr’s Emerald Lake in satin and picked out the Zinnia knobs and handles from Anthropologie. I primed the piece, drilled new holes for the new handles, and gave it three coats (!) of the green paint. It’s topped with a couple of applications of satin poly and voila!

And since I love surprises… here’s one 🙂


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