Great Wall Ideas from Homes and Gardens

As I move toward the “putting stuff on walls” phase of our rental home nesting, I’m noticing more and more the creative use of wall space and how others curate beautiful arrangements on walls – and not just of artwork! So imagine my delight when my Homes and Gardens e-newsletter this morning included an article about wall inspiration. Here are some of my very favorites:

Love the patterned fabric on the walls and the nook-ish space created by the angles.

The literature quote on the wall is a great touch, and I really like the way the sofa intersects it from certain angles… it really makes things interesting for me.

I’ve seen plate collections on the wall several times, but never wooden platters and I loooooove this because I’ve been dramatically into wooden accessories lately.

Just a beautiful combination of textures and colors

Wow… just… my two favorite things: birds and collages. In 3D to boot. Lovely!

The texture on this blue paint kills me. I guess it’s more the combo of colors here – orange, blue, white white – that I love, and the Mediterranean feel of the rounded wall cutout.

This is a great, unique way to hang artwork – from the molding.


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