Friday buys and barbecue preparations

So we’re having people over next weekend for a pre-Memorial Day housewarming barbecue. Of course, that means I want everything JUSTPERFECT for when people come over. I really need to let go – but I at least want to get the art on the walls, even though I do realize it has no bearing on the fun level. It’s for me. It’ll make me feel better 🙂

So we went to Sears and bought a 5-foot folding table for the back yard since we have, well … NO furniture for our new yard. My dad’s fiancee incredibly is giving us her grill since they won’t have room for it at his condo, and we have maybe four chairs the owner left us, but nothing else. And on a budget, I couldn’t exactly get the types of tables I wanted. I am, however, on the verge of buying this goodie off Etsy for the tabletop

I just don’t know yet if I want to pay the $38 plus shipping for it, but man it’s perfect! I know I want a vintage tablecloth, I just can’t seem to find anything long enough for this table.

I also made J take me by Target for the bath mat I’ve been coveting. Similar to my striking out on long-enough vintage tablecloths, I can’t seem to find black and white bathmats that suit my fancy. Our 1950s house also has a 1950s bathroom, complete with yellow bath tile with a black border. I loved this at Target, and even though the reviews say washing it is a disaster, I just had to give it a try – and it looks lovely in our bathroom! Even if J did want to just buy a towel at Wal-Mart 😉

A pretty fruitful day all in all. Now I just need to obsess a little more about my outdoor decorations. Living with me must be a trial.


One thought on “Friday buys and barbecue preparations

  1. Anonymous says:

    […] The Target Dwell studio bath mat in our 1950s bathroom with 1980s brass fixtures. Urgh. But it’s got a cute window in the shower – bonus light! […]

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