Our living room: aka, bye bye beloved hand-me-down couch, hello 3 hours in IKEA

So things are barely out of the boxes and I’m being told, “Let yourself breathe.” In other words, the live-in thinks I take on too much at once! Well… OK, OK, maybe he’s right. After all, a week before we started moving in to the new rental house, I added part-time back-to-schooling to my schedule of full-time jobbing and side-gig freelance writing. Then, we’re sitting at dinner to celebrate the decision to go back to school, and I say to him (pretty casally, I thought), “I think I’m going to make a table for our back yard.”

All he can do is chuckle at this point.

As for the hand-me-down couch, moving out of the apartment was going swimmingly until my dad, J, and friend A’s boyfriend attempted to move my behemoth couch. Forty-five minutes, a ripped-up door jamb, and a pretty disheveled looking couch later, and my dad was asking if I’d maybe like to donate said couch rather than trying to move it into my place.

There were many things I loved about this couch. One, its upholestery was such that my black-and-white cat’s fur only showed up on it when I’d seriously fallen short in lint rolling for, like, months. It had this high back that was vaguely Victorian in its swoop, and carved wood inlays on the front of the arms. Alas, it was that high back that did us in. After we’d finally forced it through the narrow 1930s doorway at my old place, the top was ripped off, one of the wood inlays had popped off, and the arm had partially torn away from the back.

Upon arriving at the new place and noticing that the 1950s doorways were no wider than the last ones, I took my dad up on his offer to cart that sucker over to Goodwill.

Which brings me to the three-house IKEA trip. My friend M is also moving, to a much larger house that she described as “previously owned by a 90-year-old woman who last redecorated in the ’80s.” She had a long list for IKEA. She also had a truck. So we drove our happy selves to the big box Swedish Wal-Mart, and set about shopping.

I had my eye on a Karlstad (we were pretty limited in budget given the unexpected urgency of the situation), but when I got there, I decided instead on the Ektorp. In this color:

Also picked up a white 4×4 Expedit, and eyeballed this green flatwoven area rug:

My last area rug was a maroon shag rug – what a nightmare with a cat! I must have shaken 10 pounds of litter and hair out of that thing last week. Gross. Plus, our living room is a pinky brown terracotta color, so a maroon rug was a no-go. But this’ll pop nicely against the neutrals, I think. I also have three walnut effect Lack side tables I’m going to push together for a coffee table.

Now, here’s the thing. Our living room is currently ALL IKEA. Well, with the exception of John’s great little neutral armchair – very close to the same color as the Ektorp above. So I’m going to take a look at this baby on Friday – $145 on Craigslist, plus $25 to deliver it to us!

This will go on the wall facing the couch. Right now, we have this little veneer particleboard TV stand on wheels that’s kinda lame. The other lame thing is the odd way the living room is built – there are built-ins on either side of the sofa, which puts the sofa in the middle of that wall. However, the facing wall, where the TV would go, is a 3/4 wall, with a portion serving as the entry to the dining room. That means that if you center the TV on that facing wall, it’s so off center from the couch that you feel really awkward trying to watch it. With something long like this, we can place the TV on the right end of the credenza, making for a more pleasant viewing experience, and balancing out the TV on the left side with some strategically placed wall hangings. Plus, I think this wood color will really work with the other colors we have going on in that room – and will help diminish the IKEA-ness of everything!

Pictures are on their way (we have been so busy and tired!) but I’m looking forward to seeing how this all comes together. Thank goodness I’m off on Friday – can’t wait to begin decorating our walls!


One thought on “Our living room: aka, bye bye beloved hand-me-down couch, hello 3 hours in IKEA

  1. Anonymous says:

    […] – built-ins original to the house, IKEA Lack Tables off Craigslist, IKEA Ektorp sofa (since my couch kind of fell apart while we were moving), IKEA Expedit bookcase, IKEA Orgel floor lamp… uh, yeah you get the point. I’m […]

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