How to Rock Mismatched Bedside Tables

I am not a matchy-matchy person. I think the only way I could tolerate perfectly matched bedside tables, for example, would be as part of a great vintage Scandinavian platform bed frame. So in my bedroom, I have two totally dissimilar bedside tables. Why do they work? They’re both about the same height and they’re both painted the exact same color of turquoise. I’ll have to show you a picture later since we’re in the middle of moving – but here are some great examples of mismatched bedside tables that, to me, work really well.

They all have some element of symmetry. Here, it’s the identical lamps and the fact that both “tables” are somewhat leggy. (From SW Design)

Here, they’re both narrow and leggy. Plus, the room’s a bit more eclectic so they can get away with more mismatching. (From Apartment Therapy)

This is even more unorthodox – there are two bedside areas, but one is a dresser and one is a floating shelf with a stepstool beneath it. And I love it. To me, this works because of the symmetrical wall lamps on either side. (From Delight by Design)

Again – both dressers, both leggy, same height, same color, same hardware even. (From Apartment Therapy)

So now you know the rules (and also know there really are no rules when you get right down to it). Mismatch in peace!


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