Feedreader favorites: Week of 4/19

Wow, what a great/busy week this has been! We’re moving in just five days now, and wrapping up all the last-minute details for that. Plus, I met with the admissions rep at the interior design program I hope to start soon, so things are just moving very rapidly and in very good directions! Here’s a little capsule of the most wonderful images I found this week.

All these photos made me want to open my own shop, and immediately. I loved the black-on-black take on empty frames, here! (Amber Fischer for Simply Grove)

My deal-breaker while looking for a place to rent with J was tiled floors. But here… oh, my, here is a stunning example of tile done right. It’s as if they’re made of moving water. (Through the French Eye of Design)

I can imagine spending long lazy mornings in this bed, stepping down from the nook in the streaming noon sunshine, clutching my cup of cafe au lait and wearing flowing white garments. (Through the French Eye of Design)

I love this whole look, including the great use of pink! Not at all pastel-ly and dull. (From Hungarian magazine Otthon, via Desire to Inspire)

From a post titled, “An Eclectic Attic Looking Over Rome.” Indeed! Love the plates on the walls, the empty birdcages clustered together, the giant “G” in the corner. (Mandarine d’Italie)

This is a very nice example of color flow from one room to the other. Notice how the pink linens on the bed pick up the pink walls from the adjoining rooms. Nice! (Apartment Therapy)

“Ughhhh,” my friend A said when I sent her this link over chat. “I want to keep looking but it is making my heart hurt!” A perfect description of just how much we both love this apartment. I especially adore the window-shelf holding the plants up top! (Apartment Therapy)

I have no words. None. (House of Turquoise)

(Valentin Löllmann dresser via Design*Sponge)


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