New obsession: Functional initials

Feeling really lazy today! I managed to wake up somewhat early for a day off, then sat at the bookstore poring over French Marie Claire and drooling over the unbelievable photos and ideas in there (with of course no clue what was going on since I long forgot my four years worth of high school French).

Anyway! Today I want to talk about my new obsession. Alphabet-themed trinkets and whatnots have been plastered all over the place, and we all know about the initial necklaces, alphabet posters, and other adorable semi-monogrammed decorative knick knacks. Maybe it’s because I’m about to move in with the love of my life and can’t stop dreaming about adorning our home with our respective initials – C&J – but I find this trend simply charming.

But lately I’ve been craving clever personalization with more function. Here, then, are my latest finds.

Holy heck, are these not great? Designed by Studio YRA, these typographical candleholders would look so amazing in a twilight garden dinner setting. I can see buying several of these to spell out words like EAT (for the aforementioned supper usage) or LIGHT. The best part is if you can swing a whole alphabet, you can change up your decor on a whim! Just a spell a new word and you are good to go 😉

Thanks to the blog Love. Obsess. Inspire. for alerting me to these cheery paper cups, offered from UK retailer Papermash. I just love how they’re used here to spell out their contents. Wouldn’t these also be super at a child’s birthday party (heck, at my birthday party?) and used in place settings, strung across the table to spell the celebrant’s name? And on the right, these smart upcycled suit jacket pillows are offered through Hilary Cosgrove’s Etsy shop.

Oh, Britain, why do you taunt me so with your unbelievably creative furnishings? Andrew Martin offers these side tables as part of his Essentials collection – I would love to see these at either end of a couch, with one initial for one half of a couple, and the other for the other! And Anthropologie, as always, came through for me, this time on my search for alphabet hooks. I was sure these existed – and I was right! In two types, actually. These are the ceramic hooks – I would use four of these in an entry way, spelling out HELLO, or allocate one hook for each member of the household.

And finally, an amazingly clever furniture collection from Swiss company SET. Can’t understand a thing on this site, but lordy look at this great dresser! They also have bars and other great furniture settings, all made of giant-sized letters!

What great alphabet-themed items do you love for your own house?


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