Fun with mixed media: Button crafts

I mentioned in an earlier post that I went store hopping the other day in the hopes of finding a big fat jar of vintage buttons. Buttons as in… button-down shirt, not as in “I Like Ike.”

While the trip was largely unsuccessful on that front, I am obsessed with getting my hands on the perfect button collection. I kick myself for all the great pieces I threw out that used to belong to my grandmother and grandfather. Of course, I think I kind of lost them between the ages of 8 and 13 more than “threw them out,” but I so did love playing with them.

As my button quest intensifies, I found myself on Flickr the other day, searching for “buttons.” And oh, I found some lovely things!


(Amalia Versaci)





2 thoughts on “Fun with mixed media: Button crafts

  1. the zipper necklace is amazing!Thank you from including our elephant necklace ^_^

  2. capellett says:

    Thanks for the comment! All of your stuff is amazing, so thanks for making it available to the world! 😉

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