Packing and shopping

Moving is a tremendous motivator against buying more items. If I have to wrap one more fragile item in newsprint or try to fit my belongings like puzzle pieces into one more box, I may crack. I already managed to slough off a great deal of accumulated stuff through several trips to the Salvation Army, benefit yard sales, and clothing swaps, as well as a few successful Craigslist transactions.

Yet I still love to shop, and I find myself getting rid of items I know wouldn’t work in the new place … and picking up ones I think might work better.

OK, so these have nothing to do with the new place. A few weeks ago, A and I jaunted over to the vintage/swap meet mecca that is Florida Ave, and we finally went into the Bali Bay Trading Company, which has the most amazing array of beaded and carved jewelry – not to mention the selection of teak jewelry. The two rings and red necklace came from there (they were having a 20% off sale so all three, plus a carved hair stick, cost me just $16 with tax) – the bracelet was a $4 find this weekend at MISRED Outfitters, which opened just two months ago in downtown St. Petersburg.

Since neither J nor I have a proper dresser – he has none and I sold my rickety one to a very grateful Maine transplant last month – I went hunting for the perfect midcentury piece, rationalizing that if I found it, it would be worth moving twice. I thought I’d found what I was looking for one Friday night and sped the hour to New Port Richey the next morning … only to find it had been sold the night before! Luckily, the gentleman posting it was having a garage sale, and I picked up this beauty for only $3. A little upholstery, some sanding on the legs, and a few tightened screws – it’ll be the perfect “take your shoes off” perch inside out front door come May. Oh, and through the dresser travails, my dad’s fiancee revealed she was trying to unload her parents’ wedding set – for free! Double score.


On my lunch break last week, I stopped into a resale shop in Clearwater and found these two great pieces. I’m a sucker for owls, especially kitschy colorful owls priced at only $3. And the hook, while I initially thought would be great for purses and whatnot in our entryway, will probably serve me better as a hanger in the bedroom for my growing necklace collection. The jury’s out on whether I want to strip it down to reveal the wood below – but it’s adorable either way, and cost only $4!

On another lunch break, I went to check out the 4-month-old Gulf to Bay Resale Mart, which I pass every day on my way home. The owner chided me for just now stopping in, saying, “You’ve missed out on 4,000 items that have already left this store!” I have the feeling this solid wooden bowl will look great on our kitchen counter, serving as the new receptacle for our respective keys, change, and other whatnots. Plus, it was only $3.99.

I happened upon this $7 Craigslist find while combing for the aforementioned dressers. This IKEA chair retailed for $22, and its owner is now moving to Puerto Rico and unloading all her belongings. Score for us, because I have no desk chair, and J’s is a bit… erm. We’ll use this one. It’s cheap but comfy!



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